Helpful suggestions for writing essays

You will be required to write an essay for many of your classes. It is an effective way to assess your understanding of a topic. It is also a good way to get you thinking more analytically about a topic. Your grade depends on how well you develop your ideas and portray them to your audience. There are some factors that you need to include in your essay to ensure that it is compelling.

Use of adequate research

A compelling paper uses adequate research to support the various claims. If you want to write an essay that catches your audience’s attention, you want to make sure that you use supporting evidence. When you have an academic source to back up your statements, they are easier to believe. You are finding a professional or scholar to agree with you claims which makes them easier to believe in. Not that you are not believable. It is just that a published scholar holds a little more weight in the subject.


The best essays follow through until the end. You don’t want to have an essay that starts out strong and then goes down from there. You want to make sure that you start out strong and continue strong all the way until the end. There should be strong evidence for all of the supporting ideas. If you have three supporting ideas in your paper, you want each of them to have the same amount of proof. For example, each of the three supporting ideas should have two supporting facts each.

Developed with an outline

You should always start by writing an outline. It will help you make sure that you stay on topic and that you organize your ideas effectively. A detailed outline is important and essential to ensuring the proper flow and progression of your essay. Without it you will have a hard time staying on track and will more than likely add information that does not pertain specifically to the thesis and proving the thesis. This extra information confuses your audience and loses their interest.

Use back up information

One of the greatest ways to make sure your essay is compelling is to use back up information or supporting evidence to prove your claims. If you are talking about something and you have a scholar to back it up, you will get more credit from your audience. The source helps to justify the point you made. For example, if you tell your friend that the earth revolves around the sun, they may think and who are you to know that. If your professor tells him the same thing, he thinks about how interesting that sounds. He automatically believes his instructor because of his status. You are a student in astronomy and he is the teacher. He has more credibility. Therefore, don’t just cite a source. Show your reader where the source came from and the quote will be more relevant. They will still think that it is credible because it is in a published work but if you explain how the writer is an expert on the subject, it means so much more.


You will also have to choose an interesting topic or compelling topic to get your audience’s attention. If you have a boring topic, you may not be able to make a compelling essay about it so don’t ruin yourself before you even start. These suggestions are sure to make your essay compelling.