Good Topics For A Descriptive Essay: 10 Best Suggestions

A descriptive essay is diffident from other types of academic writing because it requires students to express the sensation or emotion in a clear manner so that the reader can experience it too. Usually, students describe a person, object, place, experience, or situation. They have to use the five senses and vivid wording to engage the audience in the story. Either way, you won’t be able to compose a strong assignment without a carefully chosen topic idea.

Unique Suggestions on Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. A dream.
  2. Focus on your dream that came into reality, express your emotions, and share a positive can-do attitude.

  3. Your favorite place for studying.
  4. Decide what your favorite place for doing homework is, explain what is special about it, and how it helps you complete your homework easier.

  5. Your worst enemy.
  6. Don’t think of a bad person that injured you, but rather write about a character trait that prevents you from success, e.g. laziness, lack of organization, or overconfidence.

  7. Your first travel abroad.
  8. Describe your feelings when you traveled abroad for the first time. Did you feel excited or confused? Did you miss home? What did you like/dislike about the place?

  9. A beach.
  10. Portray a beach that you like to visit with friends, family members, or alone and share your favorite activities there.

  11. Your major achievement.
  12. Explain how a particular accomplishment has changed your life and what vital lessons you’ve learned back then.

  13. Your first Halloween costume.
  14. Try to remember your first Halloween outfit. Did you like it? Who did purchase the costume for you? Were other kids scared?

  15. Participation in a competition.
  16. Write about your most successful competition: describe the settings, tell the readers who supported you, and share the emotions you experienced after you won.

  17. An amazing view.
  18. Portray a stunning view from the top of the mountain that you climbed or report what you saw from the window during your vacation.

  19. Watching the space shuttle lifted off.
  20. Find an online video, watch it, and write about your emotions when the spaceship takes off.

Great Tips for Creating a Descriptive Essay

  • Choose a topic that you have a deep connection with.

  • Organize your paper in either chronological order or starting with the most important idea.

  • Don’t use too many modifiers, especially those that force your readers to search for a dictionary.

  • Pick right nouns that invoke unique images and verbs that have energy to perfectly explain your point.

  • Ensure that your descriptions arouse the senses.