List Of Persuasive Essay Topics For College: 10 Fresh Ideas

A persuasive essay is something that does exactly what it says. It persuades someone to agree with your point of view of a certain topic. This type of essay forces you to create a great argument using facts so that you can convince someone else to come to your way of thinking. Here are 10 fresh ideas that you can use to create a persuasive essay topic in college:

  1. Should college students be allowed to carry weapons?

  2. Has texting caused problems with speaking in this young generation?

  3. Should children attend school all year round?

  4. Should it be illegal to smoke with someone else in your car?

  5. Should schools have a dress code?

  6. Is football too dangerous for young children?

  7. Will increasing the minimum wage cause small businesses to fail?

  8. Should teachers be allowed to carry weapons?

  9. If students are found guilty of plagiarism, should they be expelled from college?

  10. Should college be open to students regardless of money?

It is important that you take a stance when you are writing a persuasive essay. You need to give your opinion in your topic sentence and then use facts to justify why you think the way you do and convince your audience to your way of thinking. You must use facts so that your audience has no choice by agree with you.

In order to effectively persuade your audience you need to know them. You need to know what makes them tick and use facts they would understand to convince them that you are right. You also have to make sure that your thesis statement is very clear and then you need to defend it relentlessly. The stronger you are in your defense of your statement, the easier it will be to convince your audience. Another way to persuade your audience is to give them a reason why it will benefit them to agree with you. Give them reasons to believe that your way of thinking will help them.

If you want to convince your audience to believe what you are trying to persuade them of, you need to be convincing. If you sound confident in your argument it will be easier to convince them you are right. Backing up what you think with facts increases your credibility. If you credibility increases your audience will believe almost anything you say.