Essay Topics In Biology: Top 20 Fresh Questions

Biology makes a distinction between Flora and Fauna and these later divide into Botany and Zoology. The subject plays a pivotal part in developing a formative brain, thanks to the technical details that the students have to learn by heart.

A wide expanse

When it comes to write essays on the subject, you can literally roam through the entire desert which is as capacious as the Sahara. There are so many attributes to pick from; right from the wild reeds to the dinosaur.

Biology also gives you the facility to conduct vivid experiments and understand how certain things happen and why. You will never find your curiosity ebbing; such is the expanse of ideas in the subject. The logic is to remain grounded and stick to resources that are actually illuminating.

To shape the discussion, here are 20 fresh Biology essay topics for your convenience –

  1. Check out the properties of the maize that makes it a quality fermenting unit

  2. Shed light on the enzyme secreting prowess of the human body during different stages of life

  3. Define the reproductive cycle in detail

  4. Discuss and compare the monozygotic and dizygotic seeds with vivid examples and flairs

  5. Explain Darwin’s theory of evolution and show the evolution of man in scientific light

  6. Assess the qualitative properties of milk in distinct functions of daily life

  7. Explain why rats are considered as very close to humans in principle

  8. Suggest why Mendel’s law of Segregation holds unique importance as the bedrock of Biology

  9. Explain how marine animals are able to maintain a surviving ecology, despite some real power-hungry creatures such as sharks

  10. Explain the sudden growth of reeds and their importance if any in ecology

  11. Explain the difference between Bactrian and Dromedary camels and their relative potency

  12. Explain why different animals have different rate of breeding

  13. Analyze the makeup and growth of the microscopic amoeba

  14. Compare plant cells with animal cells and suggest how they form the essential dichotomy of nature

  15. Why are humans the most superior species on this world even though they are not the most powerful?

  16. Explain what leads to different races in humans and what effect does it have on their development

  17. Explain how wood comes into existence when you plant only the fruit seeds

  18. Give a clinical elaboration on molecular biology and its definite striations

  19. Explain how whales survive even with such huge bodies underwater

  20. What are the basic hormonal differences between men and women?