Where To Get An Example Of A Descriptive Essay About A Person

Humans have a natural tendency to argue; the precept holds true for description as well. We love to hear an entity or an ideology in its complete form; together with its strengths and flaws. This gives us the impetus to make our own judgment on it.

An intriguing task

Writing a descriptive essay appears to be an easy task in this light. However, you need to get the essential details from credible sources and avenues. Make sure that you approach unbiased resources; or your piece will suffer.

You may get an example of a descriptive essay about a person in the following spheres –

  • Neighborhood – If he is a living person, you can get the details from his neighborhood. You may then sample and assimilate the perspectives into as semantic piece. In general, however, you will be asked to describe either a known figure or a dead great. Here is the way to go –

  • Books that mention him – Go through well-written books either written on him or which mention him vividly. You can scale down the attributes and traits of the person in order to cut a constructive picture.

  • Essence from his working genre – He may be a writer, a freedom fighter; a politician, an actor; anyone. You may get the details by checking out mores from his field of expertise. For instance, writing about Einstein becomes easy if you consult prominent scientists.

  • Objective critiques – Prefer those enquiries that are objective and not unnecessarily favorable. For instance, Thomas Jefferson may have done great things about USA but you cannot ignore his person indiscretions with slaves; especially Sally Hemings.

  • Biographies and autobiographies – You may get elaborate descriptions of a person in his biography or autobiography. Tweak out the over-laden sweet talk about him and squeeze out substance from the books.

  • Learned discussions – You can listen to learned debates online or even on educational forum. You will gain enormous traction on the person. This gives you the opportunity to compare and evaluate opinions of different learned people.

  • Go through his struggles – A man’s true nature becomes evident in adversity. You should endeavor to map out his struggles and find out how he solved his way through. This will give you enough meat for the piece

Induce love

You should make an all-out effort at cutting a fair and impartial description of the person. This will give the readers an additional reason to love your piece. Don’t spend your time entirely on what everybody knows. Think different.