A Complete Analytical Essay Tutorial: Definition, Tips, and Topics

So, you have been asked to write an analytical essay and you are so confused because you really have no clue what type of essay is an analytical essay. It can be a rather complex paper if you don’t know how to handle it. Having some idea of what type of paper an analytical paper is. It will be easier to write. Here is an all-in-one tutorial to help you write your essay.


An analytical essay is designed to examine a central theme of a source. It is designed to break down the text to show the relationships between the central theme and its individual components.


  1. This paper is not just a description, narration, or summary.
  2. Examine the ideas in one text or a variety of texts.
  3. Support your ideas with paraphrases and quotes from the text.
  4. Explain each of your quotes.
  5. Make sure that everything ties into the main theme.
  6. There should be a connection between the parts within the essay.
  7. Make sure that the ideas follow a logical flow.
  8. Show that there may be a counter argument.
  9. Demonstrate understanding of multiple perspectives.
  10. Show originality in your work.


  1. Source Comparing

    The analytical essay will compare two texts. You can choose two essays from the same author and then show how they have used different writing styles for each one. By analyzing the different writing styles from the same author, you can learn a lot about writing.

  2. Literary Analysis

    This is when you will analyze a piece of literature that you have read in class. This is a great way to do an analytical essay. It will show your teacher that you have understood two of the assigned pieces and that will help you get a good grade.

  3. Other ideas

    Here is a short list of ideas that you can use to develop your own ideas:

    • Space travel has led to beneficial discoveries
    • China’s 21 Century economic boom
    • Has smoking bans in public places increased the overall health of the nation
    • Brazil’s deforestation
    • Nuclear capabilities throughout the world
    • Effects of genetically modified produce
    • Effects of an increasing population
    • Technological advances effecting education

This guide should help make writing an analytical essay easy. It gives you an idea of the best ways to get this assignment completed.