Top 10 Tips For Writing An Argumentative Essay On Abortion

Abortion has been a heated topic since era. The rising issues of gender discrimination have brought it into high limelight further. Writing article on abortion related issues is not such a hard task that most of the students believe. Little bit of practice, organization, hard work and research work can make your job an easy one.

Check out following 10 tips before you start your job-

  1. Do an extensive research: Loads of information is necessary to argue in favor of the topic. Abortion is a social topic that has created major movements in the society. It has affected the mindset of public as a whole. It has become a heated topic these days and many people stand in its favor or against it based on their personal choice. You can also cover issues like individual freedom, personhood, victim protection, birth- control and future prospects of teenager parents. All these points will prevent breakdown in your writing.

  2. Write your essay in bullet points: It will assist you to elaborate. In case you want more information, you can attach the URL along with book name or page number and lift facts thereafter.

  3. Planning or outline: It will assist you to stay consistent throughout the essay maintaining a balance from initial phase till end.

  4. Write in small chunks: This step enables you to focus on your writing before moving to the next step raising quality.

  5. Keep doing the research as you write: Apart from doing research in the beginning, you should conduct research from time to time also. Use your notes simultaneously.

  6. Write a mini summary at the end of each paragraph: You can improve each point by the time you reach your final conclusion.

  7. Write evidences in support of your abortion statements: If you say that it affects the health of the lady critically, talk about various health ailments. Such proofs make your essay stronger whether you are writing in favor of the topic or against it.

  8. Finally, write the conclusion after assimilating all the mini conclusions: Smaller points together form one strong point as in why abortion should or should not be done. This step ensures that no big point is missed.

  9. Link your conclusion with the topic: This step will assist the reader as in how much successful you were in proving your points.

  10. Proofread: Now, divide each section of the composition and go through each word thoroughly. Devote little bit of extra time to make your writing on abortion a perfect peace. Ensure to check the sentence structure, grammar, spelling mistakes etc.