A List Of Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Definitely Avoid

So, your teacher has given you an argumentative essay assignment, and you have already started panicking because of endless choices and blank sheet of paper? Don’t worry, there are loads of advices how to select the best topic for your essay and succeed.

Start with figuring out what topics do you really care about. No one can deny, that it is much easier to work with something you are in point of fact interested. An essay topic that does not even mildly intrigues the author will likely make the author leave the epaper halfway through.

With the help of the brainstorming process, you will find a topic that you relate to. Write down the most bright moments or memories in your life. They can be either negative or positive.

Secondly, remember that there are plenty of kinds of essays: from informative and literature to classification and descriptive essays. It is obvious that you won’t succeed with mixing different kinds, try sticking only to one form. Thus, you will sound more academic and professional.

Don’t be very aspiring. Thoroughly research a topic, avoiding sketchy, imprecise ideas that will stay unrewarded by your teacher. You have to choose one that can guarantee you an efficient researching process, with enough credible material and relevant resources.

The next hint is to be as specific as possible. If the topic is too indeterminate, you can spend ages looking for needed data. Instead, think of subcategories or niches that may interest you even more, there are always a possibility that it will catch readers attention too.

Also, try to avoid unrealistic topics. However, be careful in choosing topics for an argumentative essay, because they can be too provocative. Arguments which can tread on corns are mostly based on moral/religious/ value views.

Here is a list of un-winnable argumentative essay topics you should not use:

  • Violence in Video Games or can video games cause ungrounded aggression among youth;
  • Upsides of abortion legislation;
  • Should religion influence education;
  • Is it moral to legislate drugs and what consequences can be;
  • The morality of marriage between gay people;
  • The problems of illegal immigration and what actions should governments take;
  • Should there be a driving age or old people on the roads;
  • Is it to pay athletes and movie stars so much money?;
  • Stem cells as a way to rejuvenate;
  • Is it normal to educate children about sex at school and so on.