Searching For A Bullying Essay Example: 7 Points To Consider

Bullying is becoming a major problem in schools, workplaces and even on the Internet, and most people will be bullied at least once in their lives. This makes it an excellent essay topic, as it’s something that we can all relate to and learn from. These seven points are important to consider when you’re looking for an example of a bullying essay.

  1. Understand your topic
  2. As always, before you start searching for your bullying essay examples in earnest, you need to have an excellent understanding of victimisation. If you know your topic, it’ll be much easier for you to find some really outstanding sample papers later on.

  3. Formatting matters
  4. Another thing to do before you start searching for example papers is to understand how your bullying essay needs to be formatted. Ask your teacher which formatting style you should use, as there are many different formatting styles available. This will be of vital importance when you do start looking for sample papers, as you’ll immediately know whether they are formatted correctly or not.

  5. Look in all the usual places
  6. It’s normally a good idea to start looking for sample papers on the Internet, as there are countless websites that offer free sample papers on any topic you can imagine. You can also ask your teacher if they have any example essays that you can use. If you still can’t find any good examples, try looking for useful books at your library.

  7. Keep an eye on the media
  8. Bullying is a huge problem at the moment; so don’t forget to watch the media for any reports that are relevant to your paper. Perhaps you’ll even find a newspaper report to use as a sample paper.

  9. Personal topics are always better
  10. When a topic matters to you, it’ll be much easier to write about. Keep this in mind while you search for example essays, as you may come across one that really moves you.

  11. Take the topic very seriously
  12. Because most people will be victimised at some point in their lifetime, you should take this essay very seriously. You may even learn something that will help you if you ever find yourself being bullied.

  13. Don’t plagiarise from sample papers
  14. Plagiarism is when you take another person’s work and pretend it is your own, but it can land you in big trouble. Your teacher will penalise you if you plagiarise, so be very careful to avoid doing it, even accidentally.