Looking For Causal Argument Essay Examples

A causal argument essay is a form of writing in which you’re expected to use rational arguments and inductive reasoning--- the cognitive process of drawing generalized conclusions from repeated events or patterns that you have observed. Causal argument essays are about using those repeating patterns to determine cause and effect. You will be defending your position against other, competing theories using a series of consistent logical arguments. You will demonstrate the facts that support your assertion, and argue as to why that evidence is credible. One of the best ways to get a feel for this type of writing is looking for causal argument essay examples on the Internet. Here are a few places online where you can find causal argument essay examples that you can use as a guide when constructing your own paper.

  • The University of Kentucky offers a selection of instructive examples of causal argument papers. Their examples illustrate a well-written introduction, as well as a sample outline detailing an organizational approach to arguing for your chosen point of view.
  • Appalacian State University also offers a sample, which is available for download as a document. This is another good “boilerplate” model you can use when you’re determining how to best structure your own argument.
  • Owensboro Community and Technical College also offers college argument essay examples, along with detailed instructions for how to structure this type of paper.

These are only a few good resources to visit when you’re looking for causal argument essay examples, but they’ll provide you with a good idea of what your teacher or professor is looking for when they read your paper. As you can see from the samples provided at the resources above, your choice of topics can be almost endless. As long as you can create an argument based in facts and causal relationships, you can discuss almost any issue. If you choose a topic that’s interesting to you, it will be much easier to write. For example, you can decide to discuss a recent topic that’s been a source of political controversy.

One final word: proofreading your causal argument paper is of the utmost importance. Don’t turn in a first draft, or you could end up losing points for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or unclear argument structure. Go ahead and proofread your causal argument essay first, and you’ll ensure that your work will receive the highest possible grade.