A Selection Of Cause And Effect Essay Topics For College

If you are having a hard time, choosing the right topic for a cause and effect essay then this article will certainly help you. This type of essay requires you to have a cause that you can present and discuss the effects it will have on people, society, objects, places or anything else. The other approach you can adopt is to reverse the former one. You can consider an effect in your topic and work your way back to find the possible causes that led to this situation.

Below are some example essay topics for a cause and effect essay. These will help you understand the structure and format you need to use for your paper.

  1. Discuss the causes for water pollution in industrial areas and the way it affects the aquatic life
  2. Show the effects of Civil War on the constitution of America and the reasons that gave rise to the civil movement
  3. What is possible effect of child abuse on person’s character and personal development? What factors make a child prone to child abuse
  4. Discuss the reasons for increasing divorce rates in the West and the way it effects family systems
  5. Show the reasons for the increase in taxes by the government and the way it will change economy
  6. Show the result of plastic and paper usage in contributing to global warming and how did it start
  7. What is the result of ozone layer being damaged and how it reached its current situation
  8. The consequences of increasing obesity rates in the US and why is the situation the way it is now
  9. Role of information technology in improving the employment situation in different states and how this was possible
  10. If all countries make world peace how will the world be like and how can this happen
  11. The effects of mass migration to urban areas and the reasons why people migrate from villages to cities
  12. The effect of internet and online bookstores on the library and why this major shift occurred
  13. Are television ads and channels becoming less popular with the innovations in technology and how we reached this point in technology
  14. If the economy stopped producing wheat altogether, how will it affect the industry and farmers market
  15. The devastating effects of war on terror on innocent countries and why this mission actually started