Writing An Outstanding Classification Essay On Friends: Basic Manual For Students

When writing a classification essay you share review the similar characteristics of groups, people, events, and other things. Most often these essays share a general group and then further elaborate, breaking the group or organization up into subgroups. These subcategories may have similarities or difference—these will be highlighted in the classification essay. When writing a classification essay on friends, you would want to follow certain steps. We have created a basic manual for students that may inquire.

  1. Define Friends
  2. In order to write an essay of this style about friends, you must first define what that is. In order to understand what type of person someone may be, we must first understand human nature. Do primary and secondary research, consulting academic studies of platonic relationships and also real world interaction evidence. Using this academic and real world approach will give you a well-rounded definition.

  3. Research Subcategories
  4. With your topic defined, you are now able to research subcategories. The same as defining the main topic, you will want to define each subcategory too. By evaluating each subcategory autonomously, you will be able to draw overarching conclusions on these different types of individuals. Read research and studies on different types of people and the relationships they may have.

  5. Create Outline
  6. With the research about the main topic (friends) and the subcategories (types of friends), you will be ready to make your outline. The outline will consist of the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the introduction you will introduce your main topic, and outline what subcategories make up this main group. The body paragraphs will be dedicating to sharing the similarities and differences among each subcategory. The conclusion will address any unanswered ideas, and bring the paper full circle.

  7. Execute
  8. Once you have written the outline all you must do is execute! Begin writing by following the outline. Starting with the introduction and thesis, sharing your research and findings in the body, and wrapping it up in the conclusion. The outline was the bulk of your work; you have the road map for your paper!

  9. Edit
  10. Finally, after drafting your classification essay, you will need to edit. Edit on your own, or get the help from a classmate, instructor, or peer. Whoever offers advice, editing is a crucial must!

    Following these five steps you will write an outstanding classification essay in no time. You will know the in’s and out’s of what friends are, and what kinds of individuals a group may or may not have. This is an exciting social experiment!