College Essay Topics: 20 Controversial Issues To Write About

As a college student, you must have written lots of essays on a variety topics offered by your teacher. However, when it comes to selecting a topic on your own, you may get stuck. It isn’t strange since there are lots of interesting issues worth discussion in your paper. Listen to your heart when picking a topic and take the idea you are really passionate about. Give preference to the theme that is not too traditional and overdone. Finally, make sure that your essay topic is controversial.

Why to Choose a Controversial Topic

If your teacher wants you to write about a controversial issue, you should produce an argumentative piece of writing. As the name suggests, you should argue for a particular viewpoint in your paper. It isn’t as simple as writing about something that people generally agree on. First and foremost, you should consider both sides of the debate, weigh all evidence, and take the position that is closer to you. Afterward, do research on the topic and collect the evidence to support your viewpoint in the paper. Writing about controversial issues is a chance to demonstrate your analytical and research skills, and your efforts will definitely be appreciated if you succeed in the task. The opposing opinions shouldn’t be disregarded in your essay as well. If you state them and provide a well-reasoned refutation, your paper will be a hit.

Controversial Issues for Your Essay

Our life isn’t strictly black or white, and there are lots of issues that raise debates and create doubts. Here is a list of interesting and controversial topic ideas for your paper:

  • Should nationalistic parties be forbidden?

  • Can wars be justified?

  • Why do people love and does love exist?

  • Should people refuse from compulsory military service because it violates human rights?

  • Is television used to manipulate people?

  • Can all superstitions be scientifically reasoned?

  • Should there be dress codes in colleges?

  • Should church and state function separately or should they unite to achieve ultimate goals?

  • Is advertising to children acceptable?

  • Is globalization to blame for the environment pollution?

  • Does globalization suppress the development of local cultures?

  • Should the lottery industry be outlawed?

  • Is competition among college students useful?

  • Should the age to drink alcohol be decreased?

  • Should smoking be outlawed?

  • Should children’s beauty contests be forbidden?

  • Can cheating be useful?

  • Should parents control the teenagers’ Internet use?

  • Should parents help children choose their extracurricular activities?

  • When are abortions acceptable?