Composing A Proper Definition Essay About Friendship

A definition essay is all about expanding the actual scope of an entity. When you meet somebody, you are just aware of his visible facet; when you talk; another aspect comes to light. His entire personality stream across you; when you spend a quality time-period with him. You become able to define him at a stretch.

Case of templates

Now, take the case of friendship. We all have a template sketch in our mind that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Point is; is friendship actually restricted to just being there when your friend needs you? Doesn’t it have any other more or code?

Relationship of choice

In your piece, you have to define the actual merit of friendship; how it is a relationship of your choice, not by genetics. How being cashless in the company of a friend doesn’t strain you! How friendship gives you the power to look up to life.

Types of friends

There are different types of friends; school mates, office mates, social mates, mutual mates. In time, you discover that very few of them are genuinely interested in your friendship and the link will stand the test of time. The greatest thing with friendship is that it hardly requires any effort.

Sparks fly

There are many cases where friends have stayed from one another for years because of professional limitations. And yet, the first day they reunite, sparks fly like olden times. There is an ember residing in friendship that just needs stoke and it burns aflame.

Suitable instances

Your definition essay can be placed with suitable instances of how friendship changes perception towards life and makes you able to actually remain in rapture. How it is the only relationship where you can let go; without any guilt or reservation! Where you do not have to mind your language or body language; where both of you are an open book to each other.

Call of the heart

How you have an inner trust that your friend will stand by you in moments of utter distress and then reminisce those moments with you when things get better. There is that feeling of untold reciprocity; of the ever-present shoulder for you to pat and cry on. In a sense, you carve a friend out of your soul; from that day, he is an inveterate part of you.

Bridging the gap

Try to define friendship in all its glory and personality. In friendship, you never have to complain or apologize; show gratitude or fawn. It is an equal relationship irrespective of status or creed; based purely on the twinkling of the heart.