List Of Inspiring Descriptive Essay Topics For College

From college admissions to actual coursework, you may be tasked with writing a descriptive essay. You will want to choose a topic that elicits emotion in you and your reader. Your topic should be something you can describe using your five senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell). It can be difficult to narrow down a topic for your essay, especially if your essay has high-stakes. Here is a list of inspiring descriptive essay topics for college.

9 Inspiring Descriptive Essay Topics for College

  • Write about a person who inspired you to go to college or pursue your major/career. This person does not have to be famous or related to you. Try to stay away from cliché answers. Do not choose a person you believe college admissions staff or professors will expect you to choose. Choose someone original.
  • Write about your most memorable vacation. Make sure to explain why this vacation is so memorable to you.
  • Your first days at college can often feel like first days on a new planet. Write about things you have experienced in college that high school did not prepare you for.
  • Write about your first date, good or bad. This would be an especially good topic if your first date was humorous or embarrassing.
  • Write about your lucky charm. Make sure you show how this charm has been lucky for you.
  • Write about something that outrages you. Again, do not choose the cliché answer or what you believe admissions staff or professors will want to hear. The thing that outrages you can be as big as genocide or as small as a new stop sign in town that you believe isn’t needed.
  • If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called and what would it be about? What genre or type of movie would it be? Would you be the hero or the villain?
  • Write about something deviant you have done and how you got caught doing it (or how you got away with it). This does not have to be something illegal. Perhaps you broke a household rule.
  • Predict where the world will be in 20 years. Describe major events you believe will be happening. Do you think there will be more equality? More war? Hotter climate/more severe weather?

This list has many ideas for writing your inspiring descriptive essay. Before choosing a topic, you will want to keep a few things in mind. Be sure to know your audience, so you know the language, writing style, and type of topic you should use. Also, make sure you choose a topic you care about. Once you have all of that figured out, choose your topic!