Comparative Politics

Comparative politics is a branch or field of political science that involves empirical and statistical approaches which are based on comparative methods. In other words, comparative politics is a field of political science which involves study of political organization, domestic politics and countries’ conflicts. In most cases, comparative politics involves comparisons of political organizations in various nations based on their differences and similarities.

The Approach of Comparative Politics

Comparative politics does not possess substantive attention in itself but emphases on the methodical approach. This implies that, comparative politics does not identify the scope or the subject matter in the study but emphasizes more on the method to be used to analyze the political phenomena.

Political scientists such as Richard Rose and Peter Mair argued that comparative politics involves combination of substantive empathizes on the study of the political systems in various nations which involves identification and analysis of the differences and similaritiesusing a common statistical method. The comparative politics involves implicitly or explicitly analysis applied in various nations and hence the use of common concept in comparing nations. Methodologically, comparative politics is differentiated from other approaches by its statistical concepts which are applicable in various nations.

Sometimes, comparative politics is applied to particular fields of study such as forms of government and foreign policies. However, when comparative politics is applied to those specified fields, its name often change to reflect the field of study such as comparative government and comparative foreign policies in study of government and foreign policies respectively.

In some instances, particularly in unite states of America, comparative politics is used in reference of foreign countries polities. However, this application of the comparative politics is unethical and thus unaccepted. If this American approach was to be adopted would have intimidated other nations and the significance of comparative politics would have lost.

Significant Of Comparative Politics

As opposed to the methodology of study, comparative political science is a general field of study which can be viewed as redundant. The political analysis is just a segment of the comparative politics which depicts either tacit or overt comparison been conducted. A study on a single political discipline such as subculture, period or society without making comparison with similar entities from different nations would exhibit political as a straightforward brute reality. However, the facts may not be so and thus comparative politic proof to be very vital figure in the modern word.

The highest price in the comparative politics is the Karl Deutsch, which is awarded by the International Political Science Association.