Top 23 Exciting Essay Topics On The Bigfoot

When you are going through your educational career, many times the topics you are assigned to write on may be boring and dull. But, if you have been fortunate enough to get an instructor who prefers offbeat and more interesting topics like the Bigfoot, then here are 23 potential choices on interesting essay topics to choose from for your assignment.

  1. The history of Bigfoot and how the myth has grown over the years

  2. Bigfoot sightings worldwide and how different countries view him differently

  3. DNA evidence of the existence of the Bigfoot – who found it and what it tells us

  4. The first sighting of the Bigfoot in history

  5. Famous Bigfoot people and how they are investigating this being

  6. The first picture of the Bigfoot and how it could have been erroneous

  7. Bigfoot lore and history throughout the world

  8. People who have interacted with the Bigfoot, where they in danger?

  9. Famous people in the world who claim to have seen the Bigfoot

  10. Bigfoot worldwide, what terrain and conditions does this being prefer

  11. Bigfoot compared to other mysterious beings like the Loch Ness Monster

  12. Potential explanations of the Bigfoot and how it could be a true being

  13. Disproving the Bigfoot, how this being could not possibly exist

  14. Characteristics of the Bigfoot and similarities in different sightings worldwide

  15. Best photographs of the Bigfoot and how digital technology may aid in proving or disproving this being exists

  16. The theory that Bigfoot exists as a result of interbreeding between two dissimilar species

  17. The woman who claims to have given birth to a baby by Bigfoot

  18. Bigfoot sighting hotspots worldwide

  19. Different names for the Bigfoot and how they change throughout the world

  20. Stories how the Bigfoot save people from harm and protected them from wild animals

  21. Famous books and articles about the Bigfoot and similarities in the stories that they tell

  22. Bigfoot diet and what the large animal chooses to eat

  23. Bigfoot interactions with humans and how they may actually be able to speak

No matter which one of these exciting topics you choose you will have a multitude to select from as you go about this assignment. Remember to be happy that you have an instructor who prefers interesting topics rather than the usual boring ones typically assigned!