10 Five-Paragraph Essay Topic Ideas To Stay Away From

Often you put many efforts in writing your essay but you forget the most important thing worth noticing. You carry out research, perform experimentation, create an outline, argue over the major notes, and think logically to put everything in place. However, you ignore to give attention to the topic of your paper. The topic you choose to write about is critical, as it will decide the overall scope and worth of your paper. If you choose a random topic or a common issue to talk about, then you may not be able to attract the attention of your readers. You have to understand your target audience and write from their perspective. If you choose to care about only your own selfish art then you would never be able to impress your audience or engage them for the rest of your assignment

Most of the teachers assign the subject and type of paper to the students. They specific whether they need an argumentative, comparative, descriptive, expository, narrative, and literary or a cause and effect essay. They will also mention the desired length for the assignment and the subject area. The subject they assign you will be broad and you will have to narrow it down to choose a certain area of your interest. This is critical because you cannot address the entire subject in a paper with a certain word count. It is better to narrow down your area of interest to create a perfect paper

No topic is good or bad to write about but you have to keep in mind the originality of it. Academic papers require students to write original and unique papers from their own creative minds. You have to explore an aspect of the subject that needs attention and does not have much available data in the past. If you choose to talk about common issues and over dragged topics, then the audience may not even continue with your paper knowing that it includes old information

Topics you should not write a five-paragraph essay around

  1. A comparison of urban and rural life
  2. The benefits and drawbacks of technology
  3. Your first day at school
  4. What you want to be if you could change roles
  5. Knowledge is power
  6. Literature analysis of the Hamlet
  7. Racism
  8. Global warming
  9. Autism
  10. Obesity