A Step-By-Step Tutorial for Writing an Outstanding Essay - Avoiding Plagiarism

The elements of writing an outstanding essay have long been the well-known and well-practiced ones. I will explain them in detail in just a moment. But the key aspect of this article is that not only should you write an outstanding essay but rather you should do so avoiding plagiarism. First, what do we mean by plagiarism?

It is important that you understand the difference between copying somebody else's work without attribution and passing off that work as your own as opposed to something where you quote somebody else's work to support a point you are making in your own essay writing. And you know that in so doing you must cite your references. This means you make sure that the quotation is revealed as a quotation and later, usually at the end of your essay, you list the name of the creator of the quote and where you found it.

Plagiarism is so easy today

Because of the Internet and because of the qualities of word processing software programs, it is dead easy to locate writing which is relevant to the essay topic you are tackling, to copy some or all of that writing and then paste it into your own essay. That sort of activity is a cinch. And because it is so easy that is just one of the reasons why there is a massive uptake in the number of students who are taking advantage of this activity. They are crazy to do so because it can lead them into all sorts of trouble.

And just as it is so easy to find material and to copy and paste it today, so too it is ever so easy to catch people who do that sort of thing. There are different software programs today which when given an essay can in a matter of seconds tell you if part or parts of the essay have been sourced from elsewhere on the Net. It is very difficult for somebody who plagiarizes somebody else's work to get away with it. How can you avoid plagiarism?

Write all of the copy of your essay yourself. By all means include quotations but always show that they are quotations and reference the source of the material elsewhere in your essay. It is almost impossible for somebody to write a 500 word essay and to have produced prose which is exactly the same as somebody else's writing. When you think of the myriad opportunities for using different words in different ways, it is so rare it can almost be described as impossible. So to keep away from plagiarism, make your writing your own work.