A List Of Excellent Exploratory Essay Topics And Ideas

If you are to write an exploratory essay, be sure to research the issue from different sides. This type of academic writing does not support one strong position. What you should do is to get to know more about the topic and explore as many opinions as possible. The more different and controversial opinions arise on the topic, the better it is.

The range of ideas that might be suitable for exploratory papers is very wide. In your essay, you may successfully develop any topic of personal interest, like fashion, hobby, sports, pets, music, etc. Or, dig deeper into the common problems encountered by your peers: relations with parents, college, love and dating, video games, social media, teen pregnancy, teen alcohol abuse, etc. If you are keen on history, investigate different views on some historical issues and their impact on modern and cultural situation; for example, explore some traditions, immigration, wars, etc. You may also create a strong exploratory paper on the basis of some current events in culture, politics, or economics.

Here is a list of good exploratory essay topic ideas from different areas of life. Let them inspire you with your own specific issue to research.

  • Parenting in homosexual families: research of effectiveness on the basis of conventional family models.
  • Religion: how does it influence family relations?
  • Raising a child by a single parent: possible problems and pitfalls.
  • Divorce: how does it affect a child?
  • Should a husband be the key earner?
  • What factors are responsible for long and happy marriages?
  • Living together before marriage: the ethical views.
  • What is the role of grandparents in family life?
  • Political advertising: who pays for it?
  • How should children be motivated to study well in schools?
  • What is organic food and is it really better?
  • How can we supply everybody with water?
  • The role of music and art in rehabilitation after disease.
  • The European Union in ten years: forecast and evaluation.
  • Passing a test: the best methods of preparation.
  • Unemployment: how can the problem be solved?
  • Teen social networking: pros and cons.
  • The influence of immigrants on music trends in the US.
  • Can electronic books completely substitute traditional books?
  • Online learning: advantages and disadvantages.

Choose the topic that you know well or feel deeply concerned with, or base your research on some burning issue, and your exploratory essay will be a success. However, remember that the subject should be investigated in all the possible aspects, even if some points deviate from your personal understanding.