Fun Essay Topics In Literature: List Of 17 Great Examples

Literature is something that you may always enjoy writing if you have chosen literature as a major. But irrespective of the will and tenacity, you will like to note that literature essay topics are never too easy to decide. Here are some that will help you determine a topic by yourself. You may also use one verbatim.

17 good literature essay examples

  • Is literature the place where new ideas are necessarily born?

  • What is the combined contribution of Shakespeare and the Bible in English Literature?

  • Does Charles Dickens represent the best era of English novel writing?

  • Augustan Satire: analyze the role of some of the best satirists in the era

  • What has been the contribution of Victorian novelists in the evolution of literature?

  • How have modern dramatists taken the torch ahead from their 19th century counterparts?

  • The 20th century has been the most diverse literary century. Comment

  • Analyze the role of the romantic poets in English literature

  • Look at the last century from a literary point of view

  • Imagine the role of alien influence in literature if there had been one

  • What are your views on the role of literature in personality development?

  • What should be the preconditions for students who want to study literature?

  • Analyze the fading away of literary interest amid high demand for technical education

  • Comment on the poetic wars that was championed by likes of Alexander Pope

  • Enumerate the contributions of the Jacobean school of literature on other literati

  • Stream of consciousness novelists: James Joyce as the point of reference

  • Major differences between literature students and those who study contemporary art

The topics mentioned above should all make for good research topics whenever you are looking for literature research topics. You should make sure that you dig deep into the relevance of the topic. You will soon come to know that people are more and more concerned about the relevance of the topic that you select.

Another thing that you will have to consider very deeply is that the topic you select should also have relevance to the course you are studying. Some topics might be appealing and some might not be as appealing. You should not go for the appealing topic just because you like it. First make sure that the topic has relevance to the course you are following.