Coming Up With Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay is meant to convince others to believe in a certain concept or idea. This is, at least in theory, very easy to do but it can become tricky if you do not pay attention to the way you write. You have to bring really good arguments because your personal preferences will not be enough to convince anyone. Furthermore, the topic needs to be a very interesting one if you want your classmates to listen to you. A few interesting topics for your persuasive essay are right here:

  • The right to have an abortion. Many people say that abortion should be illegal because it is equivalent to murder. However, women have the right to do whatever they want with their body and they should not be obligated to have a child that they can not take care of. The orphanages are already full, not to mention that in some communities a child without a father is always discriminated.
  • The legalization of recreational drugs. Many countries already made this step, but many others refuse to do it. Why? Because they are afraid that this will put people in danger. Well, when stores can legally sell marijuana, children will not have easy access to it. Besides, it can be very helpful for the economy.
  • The right to choose your own religion. Secular countries believe that religion should not be expressed in public. However, we express many other beliefs in public through our clothes, our style and even our accessories. Every person should be allowed to express his faith as long as he does not hurt others.
  • The importance of sexual education. In the western countries this is something very common, but in the Middle East and Asia it’s still taboo. As long as young people don’t know anything about contraceptives and PTSDs, they will make mistakes that can put their life in danger.
  • Globalization. Everyone knows what this is, but many people think that this is damaging for our country’s culture. Even if we borrow other cultural elements, we are improving ourselves and we get more and more opportunities.
  • Vaccination. In the last years parents refuse to vaccinate their children for different reasons. They think that a vaccine is more dangerous than a disease, but the government disapproves. Doctors say that without vaccination, children can get sick very easy and they become vulnerable to a large number of viruses.