Top 24 Informative Essay Prompts For High School Students

An essay is an assignment that can help you impress your teacher easily and deeply. Writing an informative paper, you can show how good you are in representing information in a catchy, interesting, and useful way.

Peculiarities of an Informative Essay

An informative project seems to be one of the simplest academic papers students have to write but it has several specific features. Such a paper is meant to help readers learn a lot of new things about a certain topic. To be effective and compose a winning paper of this type, you need to know really a lot about the researched things. This is why the choice of a good topic is sometimes more complicated than the research itself.

Informative Essay Topic Ideas

So you are experiencing problems while developing a good topic for your paper. It’s great that there’s Internet with numerous useful suggestions and ideas. You can always look through these offers to find inspiration or even choose something. Remember that the topic you choose should be really interesting to you. This is the key to the success of your informative project.

  1. Higher education and its value in people’s life.

  2. The influence of multiracial communication on racial prejudice.

  3. The effect of anti-terroristic actions on the success of terroristic acts.

  4. Sexual abuse and ways to fight it in students’ campuses.

  5. Free gun ownership: anarchy or law and order.

  6. Usage of cheap workforce from developing countries.

  7. The true ability of school tests to measure students’ abilities.

  8. A hypothetic effect of fast food banning in the USA.

  9. Online safety for children and adults.

  10. The addiction to caffeine equated to nicotine or alcohol addictions.

  11. Domestic violence and its effect on a person’s mind.

  12. Real poverty and its criteria in the today’s society.

  13. The necessity of plastic surgery for teens.

  14. Procrastination as an effect of stress and the stress procrastination causes.

  15. Eating disorders as a big trouble of today.

  16. The problem and tragedy of illegal immigration.

  17. The dangerous effect of tanning and the beauty industry propaganda.

  18. The problem of teenage pregnancy and teenage parenthood.

  19. Homelessness caused by no home and homelessness as a teen rebel.

  20. The reasons for and effects of childhood obesity.

  21. Imprisonment: correction or aggravation of anti-social behavior.

  22. The real need of culture (movie, music, etc.) censorship.

  23. The current effect of nature pollution and prospects for the future.

  24. The deadly effect of texting while driving and respective punishment.