Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean food is basically the food used by the cultures that are found within the Mediterranean Sea. Even though this area spans a big cultural diversity, the historical relationships within the region together with the influence of the Mediterranean Sea on the economy and climate of the region have been very instrumental towards the availability of various common elements in their cuisine.

The Mediterranean Diet

In simple terms, the Mediterranean food is basically a diet taken as a way of eating defined through the conventional drinks and foods of the nations found within the Mediterranean Sea. It is not a special dietary plan to address certain human conditions despite being a very great way of losing weight and also useful in enhancing human health. Even though it is not a dietary plan, it comes with a lot of benefits.

The Mediterranean food is indeed a lifestyle that is defined through foods, meals with family and friends, activities as well as wine in moderation with what is being consumed as food in the meals. There have been quite a number of studies about this Mediterranean cuisine and was noted through scores of leading researchers as one of the vital foods in the universe for healthy living. More than just being important in such respects, the Mediterranean diet is a wonderful delicacy that has well flavored meals and dishes. It is very easy to comprehend it by taking a thought concerning Mediterranean meals. The dishes are not that complex but rather are very simple, delicious and most importantly, very healthy.

Examples of Mediterranean foods

The different foods found within the Mediterranean region have come up throughout the millennia with significant regional developments taking place through the introduction of emerging foods in the world beginning from the sixteenth century. The Mediterranean food concept is on the contrary, very new with a chance that it may have come to existence in 1950 following Elizabeth David’s publication of the book on Mediterranean food. The contents of the book revolved around cooking, food and cookery in general. It gained popularity in the 70s. One of these notable delicacies is pasta. It involves cooking shrimp in water using the pasta then putting other ingredients such as briny capers, herby basil, and rich olive oil together with bright lemon sap. No more cooking is needed. This can be served on a spinach bed or together with green beans, asparagus, green vegetable or broccoli. A trademark of Mediterranean foods is their ability of deriving great flavors from very simple food elements prepared in a simple way