20 Fresh Expository Essay Topics For Middle School Students

An expository essay is relatively simple, and will simply require you to explain how a process works, or what causes something to happen. In fact, you can use a wide range of different topics and ideas in order to explain a variety of different things.

Ultimately, you will use this form of academic paper to discuss what something might be, how it works, how something is caused, how something is defined, or how you are taking a particular process. Therefore, it is possible for you to choose a topic that you already know about, which you can then write in an expository manner; alternatively, you can pick a topic that you know little or nothing about, and can then do the necessary research to find out more about that topic.

It can be a good idea to ensure that the topic you write about is something that will be relatively easy to research, and you might find the following ideas to be useful or inspirational.

  1. What causes individuals to become radicalized and join terrorist organizations or other extremist groups?

  2. What causes young people to experiment with drugs?

  3. How do touchscreens work?

  4. How are inflation rates worked out?

  5. What implications are on the educational success of students whose school years coincides with the divorce of their parents?

  6. How does learning a second language help students to improve in other areas of their education?

  7. How does interacting with people of other faiths and ethnic bear backgrounds help to reduce instances of racism and discrimination?

  8. How are psychological disorders identified and diagnosed?

  9. How does someone become a fighter pilot in the military?

  10. How are different cheeses made?

  11. How to the different sides of the brain affects the human body and the way that we think?

  12. How does a jet engine work?

  13. How are new species of animals and other living creatures identified and categorized?

  14. How are books classified and organized in libraries?

  15. How does the Internet work?

  16. How do computer antivirus systems update and detect viruses and other problems that could impact upon the ability of a computer to run smoothly?

  17. How do conspiracy theories become popular?

  18. How do people learn how to play musical instruments?

  19. How does a microwave oven work?

  20. What causes people to develop and suffer from depression?