How To Improve Essay Writing Skills: A Great Strategy

You are never too old to learn or to embark upon a new journey in your life. So, whether you dropped out of high school, or are simply finding wrapping your head around essay writing a challenge then there are several strategies that you can employ to help improve your skills. Far from being something to be embarrassed about, you should actually be applauded for the fact that you are now looking to be proactive and improving your lot in life.

Not only will you improve your career prospects by improving your skills, but you will also gain added confidence and the feel good factor.

So, here is my strategy for improving your essay writing skills:

Be honest about where you are at

This is probably one of the kindest (and most painful) things that you will ever do for yourself. However, until you are absolutely honest about what level you are at, how can you ever hope to progress? Seeing yourself warts and all, without plunging into self-hate or negativity is a fine balancing act. Do this, and you will feel the benefits.

Take small steps

Okay, so if you are looking to brush up on your skills then starting with a rhetorical analysis is proably not the best solution. I would strongly urge you to begin with say a descriptive essay, or even a narrative style. Whatever you are most comfortable. However, the moral here is not to attempt to run before you can walk.

Decide what you are going to write about

The buzz word is familiarity. Pick a topic that you are comfortable with and ideally know inside out. You are not looking to become the world’s best researcher right now, so don’t waste time on needless research. Your goal is to hone your technical writing skills.

Break it down

By breaking it down into bite-sized chunks you are more likely to be less intimidated by it all. Start with your introduction and then move onto the main body, before working on an amazing conclusion.

Get some honest feedback

No-one likes to be told that their work is rubbish. However, you don’t want sock puppet advice either. You need to find someone that:

  • Knows what they are talking about

  • Is willing to provide honest, constructive feedback

  • Is not going to worry about hurting your feelings

Feedback enables us to grow.