10 Funny Examples Of Topics For Persuasive Essays For Kids

Children who start to learn how to write essays at an early age normally have an advantage over their counterparts who never got to do that. The reason for this is because they grow up to become fluent in writing, and spend less time acclimatizing to different writing styles than those who never had the chance to do the same. As a parent, it is important for you to consider introducing your child to some of these highlights early enough in their lives so that they can start achieving milestones and get used to the same over time. This will give them an easier time when they go to school, because they will not have to struggle so much since they are already used to writing.

The following are some examples of topics that can be used to encourage children to write persuasive essays:

  1. The moon is equally important as the sun
  2. Cats are better pets than dogs
  3. Playing time should be increased
  4. Children should play video games more
  5. Parents should not talk back to children
  6. Parents should pay attention more often
  7. Parents need to read their kids stories in the evening
  8. Children should play with their parents when they get back home
  9. Parents should help their children with homework
  10. Schools should increase time for playing

One of the main reasons why a lot of students tend to score terribly in persuasive essay writing is because most of them never ever get the chance to have a purpose or an audience to write to. This makes it difficult for them to succeed when they are asked to do this at first attempt. By encouraging kids to start writing at an early age, they get used to writing and speaking out their minds.

Do not just make them write, but try to encourage them to read the paper that they have written too. By so doing, you inculcate into them a sense of self-confidence and the power to read and speak their minds from time to time. Confidence in children can be built through so many ways, and this is just but one of the most effective.

As a parent, the role of bringing up your child might be shared with the teachers, but from time to time, you can supplement the learning environment at home.