Marx And Weber

These two contributed a lot to sociology. They had many great notable differences but they had an understanding that was common and especially about capitalism. They both had different understanding and reactions to inequality and the social class. Karl Max talks of the different classes he saw in the world of agriculture. The society was based on agriculture and thus the classes revolved around the agriculture sector depending on who did what and who owned what. All the classes were bound to be so different in respect to the social status. There was the class that owned land. It was so different from that did not own land but worked in the land for pay and were termed as the peasant class. After revolution there was the individuals who came to own factories and given another name the capital owning class. This class too was different from the workers in the factory. Max does sees those people working other sectors outside agriculture as useless and not contributing anything to the economy.

Contradicting Weber

Weber comes in like a quarter or a half a century later. He does not see the class based on the agriculture. On the contrary he sees classes divide in to factors like prestige, power and wealth. These three factors are dominant even today. Weber doesn’t see life in one dimension and thus does not want to classify people in classes just depending on the material things. People are distributed in all proportions and thus the agricultural sector is not the only contributor to the economy. There is not a very large difference between the workers and owners and that they are all important for the economic growth. The rivalry between owners and workers and between those in farming and in the public sector has greatly reduced.

Their contribution to Sociology

It is believed that if these people were born today, they would have impacted the world with whole different ideas. It is not known if their thoughts would still be different today but or they would have the same school of thought. If they lived today they would be surprised by the tremendous changes that have taken place. There has been a lot of privatization and many capitalists created. Many companies are declining and being replaced by private investors. This has been in the effort to solve or reduce the fights between the owners and the workers. Despite the current changes, the Maxes contributed a lot to the social perspective that is there today.