Narrative Essay Topic Ideas For College: Top 20 Suggestions

Here are 20 unique narrative essay topics you can use for your next essay.

  1. Proof that I am burger-intolerant
  2. Tell of the time you ate a hamburger and how it didn’t agree with you.

  3. Why my father won’t ask for direction
  4. Talk about an incident when your father was too proud to ask for directions.

  5. A dream of the future
  6. Relate a dream you had about your own future.

  7. My mother is not flexible at all
  8. Does your mother just say “no” to everything? Tell your reader about her inflexibility.

  9. The only quality I want in a spouse
  10. What is the one aspect you look for in the person you will marry?

  11. 3 Things I hate about TV commercials
  12. Relay your distaste for commercials and mention three specific reasons why you dislike them so much.

  13. I’d rather die than work at ___
  14. Where is the one place you would never work? Tell your reader why.

  15. 3 Things my parents didn’t tell me about college
  16. What do you wish you knew about college before you arrived?

  17. My favourite TV series
  18. Describe your favourite television series.

  19. 3 Things no one knows about me
  20. What can you tell your reader about yourself that no one else knows?

  21. 5 Good reasons why green is my favourite colour
  22. Mention five excellent, logical reasons why green is the best colour in the world.

  23. The one silly thing that always makes me laugh
  24. What can you bring up in your mind and laugh about every single time? Why does this particular memory make you laugh so much?

  25. The year I felt like an outcast
  26. Describe a period in your life where you did not fit in with anyone.

  27. The worst failure that changed my life for the better
  28. What lesson did you learn from a bad failure? How did this seemingly negative experience change your life for the positive?

  29. My hypothetical job interview
  30. Describe a job interview from your imagination.

  31. The weirdest coincidence that ever happened to me
  32. Describe an incident where an unbelievable coincidence occurred.

  33. My proudest argument
  34. When did you last stand up for something that meant a lot to you?

  35. 3 Things I wish I knew in high school
  36. What three things do you know now that you wish you knew in high school?

  37. How I reinvented myself
  38. Describe a time you reinvented yourself and changed several aspects of your life.

  39. 3 Of my friends’ versions of the same incident
  40. Describe an incident from three different points of view.