Essay Prompts On Julius Caesar: 20 Unique Suggestions

The man Julius Caesar is a timeless, popular character that many teachers assign. To be able to look over the essay prompts and find a unique idea can get you well on your way to narrowing down the topic for your essay. Shakespeare wrote a play called Julius Caesar that is a commonly assigned play to write a paper about. Most Julius Caesar papers are written about the play. If you are looking for some suggestions, here is a list of 20 for you to look over.

  1. What kind of attention is paid to nightmares, omens or other supernatural affairs?

  2. Discuss the topic of fate versus free will in the play. Can the tragedies that occur be attributed to the failure to understand the omens properly? Or do the omens merely predict the inevitable?

  3. How does Caesar continue to exert power over events and situations even after he is dead?

  4. Are the conspirators successful in their goals through the killing of Caesar, or can Caesar’s influence not be contained even after death?

  5. How successful is Octavius, Caesar’s appointed successor, in carrying out the legacy of his deceased general?

  6. How does Octavius use language and commands to show his position to his army and other characters and how successful was he in gaining respect?

  7. What role do plebeians, the common folk, have in this play?

  8. Of what significance are the claims of Flavius and Murellus at the beginning of the play, that the common people are nothing more than fickle?

  9. Discuss the time of transition Rome was going through at the time, and how the loss of power for the republic played a role.

  10. Was Brutus right and justified to join the brewing conspiracy against Caesar? What reasons would he have for doing this?

  11. Was Brutus tricked by Cassius?

  12. What were the motivations Cassius had to join the conspiracy against Caesar?

  13. How does this play by Julius Caesar apply to politics today?

  14. Discuss reasons why this play is the most quoted play in modern day speeches about politics.

  15. Discuss the role of friendship in this play, between different pairs such as Caesar and

  16. Brutus, Brutus and Cassius, Caesar and Antony, Antony and Octavius, or a number of other pairs.

  17. What are the differences between friendships and political alliances as evident in this play?

  18. Brutus was a noble man who fell as a result of his tragic flaws. Was he the protagonist in this story or was it Caesar, who died near the beginning of the play but his name and power continued on?

  19. What roles do acting and rhetoric play? How do they affect events in this play? Do they interfere with politics?

  20. Compare the inflexibility of Caesar and Brutus? Who was more rigid? Who was more flexible?