Why Are People Unhappy?

Unhappiness is the state of not having joy or being sorrowful or even stressed about things for many reasons. Unhappiness is more or less the same of mental depression, a state that does not take into consideration the status of a person in the society. Whether one is rich or poor, happiness and unhappiness are choices for anybody.

The unhappy

There are many causes for unhappiness among different sets of people in the society. Worried people end up being unhappy. Some things in life we have no control over, worrying such things as people far from us and there is a certain way we want them to live creates a negative situation in the future that may believe in. The imagination brings negative emotions in the present hence upsetting our peace.

Worrying about one’s means of survival and property like money and other materials only makes them sad. Failure to tear some lines set by oneself on their money or being unable to pay bills affects the emotional well-being of a person adversely.

It’s very hard for one to be happy if they are surrounded by negativity and all they see coming their way is negative. Having a mindset that all your results will be negative or being ever pessimistic maybe because that’s what has been the case in the past closes your eyes to even the few positive things that will happen on the way. Keeping or obeying negatives voices within ourselves denies us chances of constructing anything positive about ourselves hence intensifying our sorrows.

Another cause of unhappiness is expecting so much from life which may not be what we get all the times. Aiming at perfect outcomes of what we do means that we’ll only be happy when what we get is perfect, if anything less than the perfect happens then it lowers the self-esteem and makes us undermine our abilities. This makes it hard to find joy.

Lack of control over one’s life

Some spheres of life take a personal dimension, being unable to control personal issues puts us to the offensive with our own selves. Putting standards for ourselves by comparing them with other people’s overcomplicates life since it may be our worst part but their best part. Grudges and carrying revenge thoughts makes us hurt for nothing since the people we target for revenge have no clue about our imaginations. A liberal mind will rarely be stressed up for anything.