15 Attention-Grabbing Informative Essay Topics For 4th Grade

An informative essay is an academic paper where you should educate your readers on some topic. This isn’t a very difficult type of paper, because you may choose to write about something you like or interested in. However, some students always need to look at some examples before they start writing. Here is the list of interesting informative essay topics.

  1. The history of the British Empire.
  2. You may write about the main events from the history of the British Empire since its rise to its fall.

  3. The life of Isaac Newton.
  4. Write in your essay about the life of this prominent scientist and tell how he made his great discoveries.

  5. Sports of Ancient Rome.
  6. Do research and write about the sports that were popular in Ancient Rome. Do they differ a lot from modern sports?

  7. Effecting techniques for advertisement.
  8. Make a list of useful techniques that might be used to successfully advertise a product. Write about some real examples.

  9. Alternative energy sources.
  10. Investigate what other energy resources might be used instead of oil. Is oil really irreplaceable?

  11. Educational computer games.
  12. Do research and write about video games that aren’t just interesting, but also helpful in the development of children.

  13. Influence of music on a human mind.
  14. Investigate whether music might help when doing particular tasks. Do different music genres have different effects?

  15. Steroids and their effects.
  16. Write in your essay about different effects caused by steroids and discuss whether it’s worthwhile to use them.

  17. Different types of hypnosis.
  18. Explore what techniques might be used to hypnotize a person. Can somebody be hypnotized permanently?

  19. Beneficial hobbies.
  20. Do research and write in your essay about hobbies that might bring you not only a pleasant time, but also some money.

  21. Applications of nanotechnology.
  22. Explain to your readers what nanotechnology is and how it might be used to make lives of people all over the world better.

  23. Evolutional theory of Darwin.
  24. Write about the theory of evolution that was suggested by Darwin. Tell how it evolved through the years.

  25. Pollution preventing methods.
  26. Do research and discuss what methods might be used to reduce the amount of pollution all over the world.

  27. Space exploration and its consequences.
  28. Write about humanity’s attempts in space exploration and make a list of its advantages and disadvantages.

  29. History of computer technology.
  30. Investigate what caused the introduction of first computers and tell about their development to modern days.